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T'is the season to be....hungover

November 30, 2018

I LOVE Christmas, it really is such a lovely season.. the excitement, the anticipation, carols, Christmas plays, champagne, mince pies, more champagne.... 


I strongly believe in the saying "Everything in moderation", but let's face it, at Christmas we can bend this rule slightly, as it is more important that we eat well all year and not just worry about the month of December. But what is the best thing to eat when you have had more than your share of Christmas spirit(s).


My absolutely favourite (although not seasonal) is Watermelon 



as it is a really good hangover food. Watermelon helps your blood sugar levels recover as it is high in fructose, and consisting of over 90 per cent water it also provides a big boost to your hydration. 


Followed by some complex carbs like sweet potato hash including some eggs and you are back on the road to recovery.


Exercise is also key - just a walk though - I don't recommend trying to sweat it out in a spinning class. A gentle jog or power walk, preferably outside is the key. 


The night before make sure you take your B vitamins (I love the Terra Nova Vitamin B complex with Vitamin C) and some Milk Thistle tincture from Vogal. You can also have a dose before you crawl into bed if you remember.


Then hydrate all day with Ginger tea (to kill nausea) and hot water to ensure you are back to your best the next day. An early night with an epsom salts bath and you will be ready to do it all again the next day!


Merry Christmas from everyone at Illuminate Nutrition xxx












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