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Re-set - not Detox

December 31, 2018

With the New Year comes the diet books - lining the shelves of all the bookstores and supermarkets. People are struggling to stick to their strict resolutions and what to give up to make January even more miserable than last year. How about stopping all of the nonsense, the strict diets, juicing (in cold weather -no thanks!) and focus on re-setting. No detoxing but gently adopting a healthier way of eating that you can sustain all year long. Obliterating the need for dieting before a big birthday or a holiday and finding your body's natural weight without restriction and deprivation. Sounds much more fun, realistic and achievable than crash diets or strict plans. 


By allowing your body to find its natural weight and for you to find the foods that you love and, most importantly that your body loves, you are setting yourself up for a life of balance and enjoyment. 


How about deciding what your health goals are this year. Is it to have glowing skin, a flatter tummy, better leg strength, better posture, drink more water, feel better in a bikini, improve your sleep patterns, more energy. Food really can be "thy medicine". Let it be. Enjoy it, nourish yourself, have fun with it. By nature we love to eat together, hold supper clubs, but without all the refined sugar and carbs. 


By just eating real food, you can make such a massive difference to your mood, your health and how you feel this summer. 


Shift your goal away from your weight. Scales can be the enemy to so many women and men. When I am at my slimmest, I am also usually at my heaviest, lean muscle, no flab but step on a set of scales and one cannot help but feel a sense of disappointment. Crazy isn't it. 


Let this year be your best yet, set some goals, buy a cook book, move every day, see a nutritionist and try something new each week.

Shine from the inside out xx





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