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If you don't move it, you lose it

September 1, 2017

Movement is essential – just start with 20 minutes per day… I value myself enough that even as a busy working mum, I can fit 20 minutes in. We are individual – you have to find what works for you. For me, I run with the dog (two birds and one stone thing going on there), and I do 2 30 minute exercise classes, one with kettlebells (women and weights is soooo important, especially after the age of 35 – when our muscle mass depletes by 5lb per year!)




Movement is not just heading to the gym, movement is the proprioception and the physical response to that. Daley et al. (2008) demonstrate the strong correlation between higher risk of IBS and lack of exercise, Messeir et al. (2009) found excellent results in patients with arthritis adopting dietary and exercise regime, Khademi et al. (2010) found that PCOS patient’s symptoms improved significantly with regular exercise. There is a wealth of trials and research into the benefits of movement/exercise.

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